In terms of Interior Design, experts’ advice starts from a technical and business analysis of production and construction costs of every single aspect of the project.

Senergica: an advisor for the interior design since the very first quoting stages.

The consultation offered by Senergica in matter of Interior design starts even before the project is confirmed by its final buyer or even earlier than the first operational actions, supplying or work planning. Since the quoting stage Senergica places side by side architects, general contractors, investors and clients during the preparation of the cost analysis and the technical and business quote which include every single detail of the project.

During the quoting and the analysis stage Senergica studies meticulously every single project to take into consideration all the executive stages: from required materials to working hours. At this stage data is specifically analysed and financially evaluated providing an estimation of cost managing and offering to clients a realistic quote for the turnkey completion of the project.

A technical and business analysis – essential to estimate the feasibility of the project.

Commercial areas, conference rooms, boutiques, restaurants, cruises or private properties – we are ready for all of them. Senergica’s advice provides a rich insight of managing and business cost evaluation to clients offering them the opportunity to better evaluate the feasibility of the project.

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