Budget, managing strategies and planning: with our interior design advice, project preparation won’t be a problem anymore.

Definition of time, costs and methods to optimise every project.

Senergica’s advice in terms of Interior design covers every single aspect of an interior design project. Quoting, work management, supplying, construction and even project preparation – Senergica optimises the realisation of every single project.
Through project preparation, Senergica takes into consideration all factors for the project completion. Therefore it defines preliminary budgets and especially it draws a precise plan with all the guidelines for the consequent actions not to leave anything to chance.

Project preparation to define in advance all executive actions.

Commercial areas, conference rooms, restaurants, boutiques, cruises, hotels or private properties – we are ready for all of them. Through time, costs and methods definition – even earlier than opening the building site – clients are already given a rich insight of the project including all details for its realisation. As a consequence, we decrease the risk of accidents in action guaranteeing efficiency and effectiveness in terms of time and costs. Every single aspect is taken into consideration in order to avoid any waste of time and to minimise the risk margin.

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