Our outsourcing purchase office, 100% focused on interior design, aims at finding the most qualified and reliable suppliers in order to guarantee quality, time and cost optimisation.

Our procurement office is completely dedicated to select interior design suppliers.

Senergica’s advice in terms of interior design is not limited to technical-business analysis, project preparation or to the creation of executive plans, but it also delivers a professional service of procurement and offer evaluation – all the characters involved in the project are carefully selected by our team.

This stage considers the selection of each part of the project including architects, investors, general contractors and clients. Once they have been chosen, potential suppliers are picked according to how suitable they are for the project and its requirements.

Once the subcontract lots are prepared, we contact every single company to request all the quotes – in this way we are able to provide a turnkey project to our clients.

Economical and technical evaluations to select the best suppliers.

During the offer evaluation stage, companies are selected from a database made of experts, all qualified and with great experience. Despite of this, Senergica does not draw a list of potential companies, but rather evaluates every single offer taking into consideration time, quality, attention to details and costs. Therefore, Senergica finds the most suitable characters to fulfil the project requirements.

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