Furniture construction and installation are carried out by a team of experts able to act in any environment.

Scrupulous furniture assembly and construction

Beside the furniture supplying and interior planning, Senergica offers a prompt and professional assembly service. We cooperate with teams of experts in terms of interior design, therefore we guarantee the best quality and attention to details in the quickest time possible.

An optional service which becomes essential for the realisation of the project

Although the construction and assembly could seem an optional compared to work management, they are essential steps which should never be underestimated. Even though the previous steps are carried out effectually, the whole project could be ruined if the construction and assembly are not delivered in a professional way.

Trust in our experience, our know-how and professionality – architects, general contractors, investors and clients will be able to count on our expert advice in terms of interior design. We will follow every single aspect of construction and assembly with care and attention.

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